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Plant Dyed Silk at the Denver Art Museum

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Plant Dyed Silk at the Denver Art Museum

These are pictures of natural dyed silk, using the plants in the dyer’s garden in front of the Denver Art Museum. This is part of the Spun textiles exhibit.


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August 19, 2013 · 3:45 pm

Tension is King and Other Rules

With weaving a lot more over the past six months, a number of the classic weaving rules have been driven home; as well as a few rules and practices of my own.  Here is a starter list:

1.  Tension is King: If the tension of your warp is not good for the whole width of your project; re-tension.

2. Never Weave Tired: During the weeks before Christmas this year I was dead set on finishing some gifts I was planning on handing out. I would weave long after I was too tired to do anything else or after long shifts at work. The result was more treadling errors than I care to mention.

3. If you notice a mistake that you made 4 inches ago, have fun as you un-weave and fix it. The feeling of undoing what you just spent good time                              doing is far better than the feeling of not being able to look at the piece without noticing the flaw. Quality my friend, quality.

4. If you are not sure if you will have enough weft for a project; you won’t.

5. Try to wind as many bobbins as you can at once so you don’t have to stop weaving when you are in a groove just to load more bobbins.

6. We have all heard, loose string is evil. It really is. (the biggest time waster ever)


What are your weaving/art rules?




March 7, 2013 · 4:32 pm

Just for Fun: Creative Date Nights

The Inspiration: A Doodle

The Inspiration: A Doodle

My husband, Patrick, and I took on this creative project as our date nights in November. We had a great time.

Adding Texture

Adding Texture


and some color...

and some color…


and finally, the star of the show.

and finally, the star of the show.


December 12, 2012 · 3:21 pm