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Slaying the Dragon

I often find inspiration everywhere. I love hearing of other people’s art, creative projects, skills, passions. Whenever possible we try to support local artists/craftsmen/business owners…to take part in their story. Over the past few weeks I stumbled upon a wonderful article, about a thoroughly fascinating woman named Adele Stafford. She happens to be a weaver, as many fascinating women are, so I wanted to learn more about her projects and story. That trail led me here….

Which led me here

and then to this…

This is a great book for many reasons. The first of which is the clarification or reminder that the only thing that has really been holding me back from moving forward are my own fears. I think mainly the fear of failure. Of spending family resources (see time, energy, money) on my dream that may or may not pan out. The “what if’s” of life have become a huge dragon of resistance for me (Thank you, Steven Pressfield).

So, here is to slaying that dragon, and living as myself… instead of just dreaming it.

Here are a few projects from 2014. The first is of the herringbone towels that were my first “get to know you” project on my loom. The second is a indigo dyed wool/silk scarf/shawl for my daughter.

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2015-12-07 12.27.09






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Happy New Year!




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Happy and New…Again

Grand Central Station, NYC

Grand Central Station, NYC – I found myself struck by the beauty of this space, and the windows… Someone should weave these windows.

The beginning of a new year always brings out our best intentions. We want to move forward on our goals and dreams. January 1st gives us the much-needed incentive; the fresh start. The declarations that this year is going to be different. As I begin pulling together ideas and projects, even writing this post; I think, “Ah, this is familiar, my annual post about how much I am going to move my cause forward this year.” I don’t say this to be particularly hard on myself. It is, however, an obvious observation. Patrick McGowan, writes about something similar at www.commitordie.com, or rather how to think differently about how we commit to our goals. This week, however, I have stepped forward. I have finished winding a warp for towels I am weaving for myself. Herringbone twill, my absolute favorite. I have not only this project, but the next 3 planned and ready to go into motion. Ready to be the next thing to go onto the warping board. The looms have been moved away from the walls to take center stage in their half of the  family room. In many ways, they now declare themselves in ways that lack the familiar guilt. This time they declare themselves accessible and available. These seem like such simple, first steps. That is true, they are. However, any movement forward, even if it is just provides a different perspective, is invaluable to taking the next step after it. B

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New Year Alignment



Happy 2014

We have a lot to be excited about for this coming year. Our family’s dreams and ideas are starting to come together in a cohesive vision  that will, I think, give us the focus we have lacked in the past. All the wandering of the previous years have been essential to get us to this particular point today. Almost as if by trying on different things helps pull you back to your original self; a self hopefully mature enough to take action and live the life you are mean to live.

We have broken up these long term plans and goals into projects for this year. The projects range through all areas of our family life and the ways the different goals of individual members of our family interweave with the collective goals. On the top of our list is to go through and recreate our spaces in our home. One of the first of these is to create a weaving studio. There have been many amazing and exciting additions to my studio. I look forward to sharing them with you as things get put together. Another part will be to carve out time on a weekly basis to make some progress on weaving. It seems a long time that my attention has been pulled elsewhere. I am beginning to be okay with that; to take more solace in the seasonal nature of the year. There are months, even strings of them, that do not offer much time for sitting peacefully at the loom…at least for now. Who knows what the future holds.

I wish for you excitement for your future and clarity of vision.


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