Hobby, I Think Not!



Compass rose

Compass rose (Photo credit: mag3737)


I have realized that despite my desire to be a professional weaver, I treat my  weaving as a hobby. Instead of committing to the work it takes to become a professional, I find I let weaving be the easiest thing to be pushed aside.




My daughter is training to be a professional concert pianist. She has set up her life to practice 4 hrs a day (optimally). Add to that the hours listening to others play and familiarizing herself with pieces, and you can see a good level of time invested in purposeful practice. My husband is a writer; he must write every day in order to improve his craft. (see his blog at www.commitordie.com)  I must also, commit to the ritual and routine of sitting down and producing at my loom on a daily basis.




Step 1. Is to set up an, almost no variance, routine for my days. I will be starting small with the things I have to do everyday no matter what. By 8:00am, I have dropped my youngest children off at school. I am home, have refreshed my coffee and am ready to sit down at my loom until 11am. This is an appointment like any other. I am not available for those 3 hrs to run errands or go to appointments. At 11:00 I will go for a walk (30 degrees F or above)After lunch comes an hour of concentrated household tasks; with the same commitment I give my weaving. From 1:30 to 2:30, I will run errands etc. if I have them, or I will weave a little more before doing the after school pickup and motherly activities.




I believe if I commit to these things daily, I will begin to see the results of my actions in all areas of my life. How do you commit to doing your work?














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2 responses to “Hobby, I Think Not!

  1. It is hard to make the thing that is so fun it feels like play be “work”.

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