Proper Humility



Sapling (Photo credit: Curtis Gregory Perry)

Today I feel humble.

 I believe it is healthy to have a realistic picture of where you stand in the grand scheme of the things. When one is striving for greatness it is both an inspiring and humbling thing to know where you are beginning, and where your goal is. I want to be a great weaver, but am currently working on passable.

It is a difficult thing to put your work out there. It is even more difficult wondering if in 10 years you will be proud of that work. Yet, is the answer to not share intermediate work with the public? In some cultures, one would not dare present work without having reached mastery and “perfection”. I spend my time wondering how to promote my work as it is today, knowing it will improve with time, but without the level of mastery I desire. Which is better? I think this is an important question. There is a need to define what level of “perfection” I can be satisfied with at this time.

Mostly, I am aware I need  a lot more work and to become a true student.

I am putting on a new warp today. It feels good to have the fresh start of a new project.




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2 responses to “Proper Humility

  1. What does being a great weaver mean to you?
    As you say, the more you weave, the more your work will improve. I just finished some towels myself in a color combination that I’d woven before and spent some time reflecting on how my weaving has improved and changed in the past couple years.

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