Round 1 of Holiday Towels Done; the Realities of Imperfection

I have finished the first 10 Holiday Towels. I love the pattern and working with the cotton/linen blend. It weaves up smooth and has a nice finish once washed up.

As always, there are other things I learned through this project. The most important is : Never weave when you are tired. I kept thinking I could put in an hour or two at the end of a busy day, and found myself unweaving as much as I added (or so it felt). In the end, the result was having more mistakes than I will be able to afford in the future. Again, I am not talking about the little things that give a hint the item was made by a human and not a machine, that is acceptable and gives character and charm. I am bothered by the silly mistakes which are not only obvious, but take away from the value of my product. A good lesson to learn today.



IMG_0700 IMG_0699 IMG_0698 IMG_0697 IMG_0694


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