First Dye Adventure

Last week I had three consecutive days to devote to some Natural Dye work. I started with Cochineal, Indigo and Zuebracho (yellow).

This is the Quebracho (yellow) on 100% cotton with a Alum Mordant. I hated the results of this color so I used it as a base and re-dyed the same yarn in Indigo and Cochineal.

Cochineal on the line. 100% cotton with Alum mordant. Wet.

Cochineal on 100% cotton with Alum mordant. Dry.

Cochineal after Quebracho with Alum mordant. Dry.

Dye created a heathered look. Looks nice, though since not intentional will need to research and experiment with this issue.

Indigo dye on 50% wool 50% silk blend. This is a beautiful yarn. Color not quite right yet, so will re-dye in indigo soon.

100% cotton and Indigo drying on line.

Indigo dipped Quebracho. 100% cotton Alum mordant. Kind of gives a Wabi Sabi aged look I love. This will make a nice addition to a project that doesn’t need a pure or new indigo.

100% cotton 100% natural Indigo

An old cotton comforter cover with a very basic shibori knot is being transformed. After many dunks in the indigo vat it is not quite ready. Stay tuned. . . . you will see this one again soon.

The rinsed out and dried fabric is much lighter. I am going for a much darker/richer color. It will take many, many dunks in the indigo vat.

Overall, I learned a lot about dyeing last week. One of the most important lessons was the process and the length of time things took. The process included many steps split up over the three days. I had imagined I would get a lot more done and have time for weaving as well. In reality a dye week is a dye week. Relax and Enjoy.


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