Inspiration Everywhere

One of my favorite things about the internet is the opportunity to look at the beautiful work and designs of others. I love looking at blogs to find inspiration. Actually, I find inspiration everywhere; whether in books or magazines, the color of someones shirt or jacket, the way the sun hits the grass and trees just so, the weight of a fork and how it fits in my hand. I am constantly making a mental list of all these things.

Ideally, I would capture these ideas better for future use. I need to begin to take snapshots of inspiring images,  clip out or save pictures and articles to add  to my Art journal. As it is, sadly, the inspiration is lost in the rest of the onslaught of information for the day. Only a trace or shadow is left.

The other side to this coin, as always, is time. The purposefulness necessary to capture these moments takes time and energy. And as with everything else that requires the same two resources there are trade offs and priorities to decide. For example, if I am reading blogs. . .I am not weaving etc. . .

I am beginning to better understand the conflict many artists feel between doing the business of Art and the connecting with people, in person or say through a blog, and having time to create. You do get jealous for the undisturbed creative time, even if you can justify the need for the other.

I have an experimental plan for this conflict which I will share soon as well as links to my favorite blogs.

Have a great Week 2 of 2012.



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