Happy New Year!

For Christmas this year I received  the DVD set for one of my favorite programs. Craft in America, is a wonderful PBS special highlighting the importance of Artisans and Craft in the United States. This is one of the most inspiring programs I have ever watched. I find it amazing how different people have mastered skills and then made them their own; found their own voice and message in their creations.  It also reaffirms for me that it is possible to have your passion for creating beautiful things be what you do to win your bread.  That is not to ignore that it is  extremely difficult to do so, but just to say it is being done.

I find lately that as I am working on learning design software and other projects, even this blog, I find myself jealous of the time. It usually goes something like this. . .”If I wasn’t doing this lesson I could be weaving. . . dreaming up a new indigo dye project. . . etc.” My real and pull is to the textiles. Though I must admit, the skills I learn will come in handy for me and others. Who doesn’t need to know how to communicate better; to be able to create the picture you see in your mind. Certainly, I do!

So lately I view my graphic/web design education in light of the skills I would need to promote my Art,  communicate vision and educate others.

I also know my future and voice lies somewhere in a mix of the things I love weaving, color, indigo and typography.

Happy New Year!



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