A Common Thread

Over the past week I have been reading the book Indigo: In Search of the Color That Seduced the World by Catherine E. McKinley.  I have enjoyed this book not only because I too carry a brightly burning torch for the color blue, but because it was a reminder to me of how cloth and textiles connect us. Every society in every corner of the world has a relationship with cloth. Our own processes and specialties; our own living connection.

One reason I love to weave and work with cloth is I have always felt doing so was participating in a continuum. I am doing work that has been done by others for centuries all over the world. I am  part of them and they are part of me. This is both empowering and humbling at the same time. I aim to “master” an art where in which there is nothing new under the sun. Even those who believe they have invented something new later find it has been done before centuries before. I am empowered because I am not alone, in a sense I am part of a tribe, a group. In this tribe there is much to inspire and strive towards.  I admire how from every environment people have taken the natural resources and developed their own cloth, patterns and colors. I admire how cloth is part of ceremony and softens homes.

I appreciate the contribution Catherine McKinley has made to continue the discussion of color and cloth.



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