I love all aspects of the weaving process. The planning, winding the warp, threading and warping the loom. Then the weaving begins. Once you have the weaving done, you must go through the finishing process. Finishing includes securing the edges of your weaving so it doesn’t unravel when you wash it. You then wash your handwoven fabric and complete it with fringe or hemming. Finishing is the part of the process that takes the most will power on my part. Resisting the urge to move right on to the next project.

This week I completed a project. I hemmed 7 towels and delivered them to their owner. The  greatest part is that I did this within days of cutting them off the loom. I now have my next project planned and the warping process has begun. I am 1/3  done measuring and counting my warp for 8 new towels. My goal is to have them done to give to friends for Christmas.

Finishing is always an issue for me. Completing anything whether it be a book or project has such satisfaction. My natural tendency, though is to let one thought lead to another and end up on a trail, never having completed the original project. I think, as I get older, I finish more.

I find that when I am working on my Adobe Classroom in a Book series lessons for Adobe Illustrator, I can complete a lesson and feel like I checked it off but am not quite done. I am gaining familiarity but not mastery. Of course, mastery comes with time for all things, but for this each step is still a beginning one. This is actually a great lesson in patience. I would so much rather things go much faster. Was one of my goals to deal in reality?

Moving forward. . . being satisfied with what is . Even realizing my eventual plans for this blog will be incremental and I must be satisfied in having begun.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.




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