Year One

My year one goals can be placed into two main categories; personal habits and education.

My Personal Habits list consists of things I need to/want to do on a daily basis that help grow and strengthen my character, family and relationships. They are also the daily habits I need to practice in order to have time to do the other things on my list. As habits they are everyday, and in some cases minute-by-minute, choices I must consistently make to reach said goals.

The second category, Education, are the topics you will see in this blog. In order to move anywhere near the direction of what I have listed as my 10 yr. plan I have to build some skills. This skill building needs to start today in order to allow for the eventual mastery I aspire to. That being said, I have devised a plan for self education.

I have 6 main “classes” or initial areas of study. With my life commitments it would be impractical for me to suggest I will “touch” each of these areas everyday. I can however treat these areas as classes. I can focus on each area for a number of hrs per week. There are a few areas I must commit to a period of time daily, though these tend to be shorter periods of time.

Class Schedule (in no particular order):

  1. Design Software and web applications. I am currently learning Adobe Illustrator.
  2. Design and Color Theory as well as Typography.
  3. Begin my study of Spanish. This is a 15 – 30 minutes per day commitment.
  4. Make keeping up with current events a habit. This is also a daily habit. I will start by keeping up with the BBC World News podcast and keep adding as the habit grows.
  5. Strengthen weaving essential skills. Weave daily. The first step really is to weave daily. I have started with a minimum of 20 minutes.
  6. Fitness – Get on a fitness regimen and stick with it.  Hmm not wonder plan here. . . yet.
  7. Take advantage of any opportunities to further my knowledge of Architecture, Art History, Business and History.

So far this plan has been working for me. I have a few details to work out such as a reliable Spanish program, preferably free. I already have a lot of basics, but would like to strengthen that foundation and build upon it.  I would appreciate any ideas any of you may have.




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2 responses to “Year One

  1. I send my students to and for grammar explanations and practice. There are some great podcasts from the BBC for listening practice too.

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