Interestingly enough, figuring out what my areas of focus are was only the very beginning of the process.

Again, I found myself overwhelmed with directions to take my passions. I decided to start by compiling a list of skills I would like to acquire and the work I would like to be doing in the next 8 to 10 yrs. Zooming out to this larger picture made it possible for me to zoom into this year and figure out what I needed to start to accomplish in order to reach my 10 yr goals. Here is a list of my more professional 10 year goals.


  • Begin traveling to teach weaving with development projects such as Weave a Real Peace.
  • Own a warehouse type building with studio space for various artists; or, have a weaving and design studio in my home.
  • Be able to lend experience to various environmental design challenges through graphics, weaving and service/experience design.
  • Be a contributor; confident, intelligent, courageous and independent
  • Be an established contributor to our community
  • Be lean, strong and fit.
  • Be fluent in Spanish
  • Be an established Art weaver and teacher
How do you take such vague goals and boil them down into reasonable steps? Initially not so easily. I believe I stashed the notebook away for some months out of frustration. The day I opened it up again . . . it all flowed. . . I have a plan. Much to my surprise, it might actually be a feasible one. Oh yeah, there is just one thing of course, I have to do the work.


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2 responses to “2021

  1. Ah yes – “do the work”. Sometimes I want the work to magically be done. Sometimes I enjoy the work. May you find the work enjoyable and fulfilling! 🙂

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